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Welcome to Tele Health Care

In order to exchange the knowledge and to acquire the international exposure about health issues and tele healthcare, three members of the tele-healthcare team, Dr. Nasr Qasim and Mr. Atif Mumtaz and Ms Shamila Keyani were invited for APPNA Conference from Pakistan. The five-day APPNA summer conference 2009, held at downtown Marriott San Francisco from July 1st – July 5 th. The conference was to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to charitable, scientific, educational, medical relief activities, both in the USA and Pakistan. All the projects working in collaboration with APPNA were given time to present their project to the audience, which was followed by engrossing question and answer session. Dr. Rizwan Naeem and Mr. Atif Mumtaz presented our Tele-healthcare project (Jaroka) and explained the uniqueness and innovation that we are bringing to this project. Our