Quality Healthcare to Rural and Disaster Hit Areas

The Jaroka Tele-health system is developed using Web, SMS (Short Text Messaging System) and data services (MMS, GPRS) to share and communicate between rural health workers and medical specialists.

Our system is designed around  open source electronic medical record system (EMR) and have developed a solution that can cater to rural and disaster hit communities. The system is tightly integrated with our SMS gateway that communicates in real time with our medical record database to provide instant information worldwide. The Elecronic Medical Record system is based on international standards and best practices. It supports patient vitals, SOAP records, laboratory reports and prescriptions assigned to patients.

Jaroka Tele-health system is provided on a SaaS (Software As a Service) model and therefore can be deployed at any facility within minutes. This system can be run off even slower Internet including dialup or GPRS.

Our Text Messaging/SMS service supports and enhances our existing web based system. It allows clinicians access to patient information where there is only basic cell phone coverage and no web access or computers. This allows clinicians to work in remote and disaster hit areas and be connected with their EMR without the need of a computer.

Jaroka GPS driven Google Maps module enable us to track diseases, patients and outbreaks live on Google Maps. As patient’s ailment, demographics and other pertinent information is entered into our system, it is plotted in real time on Google Maps thus enabling a healthcare specialist to track diseases and outbreaks in real time.

Based on the feedback from rural health workers, we have also added a module on our SMS system whereby anyone can request information related to any disease. This includes its definition, symptoms and brief description. Thus, we now have provided rural health workers access to thousands of ailments and diseases with the press of a button on using SMS on cell phones without the need of a computer or Internet.