Quality Healthcare to Rural and Disaster Hit Areas


We have developed a customized tele-healthcare solution to store, manage,  manipulate, track and monitor the medical records of patients electronically. This enables our medical professionals to electronically  exchange of information, prevent medical errors  improve interoperability, and increase the quality of healthcare delivery. This software has been  successfully deployed at the facility and  stores the electronic records of 120 patients daily.  All medical records, vital signs, prescriptions and lab reports are stored and managed online. All complicated cases are referred to a qualified specialist in an urban setting to get an expert medical opinion.

We annually treat  30,000 plus patients out of which 53% are females, 27% are children and rest are males.

At the end of each month, a Disease Trend report is generated based on the electronically stored data of patients. This report facilitates our team to define future project strategies and help to make critical decision. The reports are regularly shared with stakeholders and general public.

BENEFITS of e-Health at remote facility :-

  • Efficient management and tracking of all medical records.
  • Live sharing of medical records between medical professionals.
  • Sharing of medical records for complicated diagnosis with medical experts  abroad through store and forward method.
  • Sharing of required information with Health workers as our SMS gateway is tightly integrated with EMR.
  • Portability as all of our medical records are Paperless .
  • Images and Videos of patients are easily  saved into the system.
  • Prevention of medical errors.
  • Time efficient as the records of patients are entered then and there.
  • Statistics on demographics or patients and diseases can be shared with policy makers for disease prevention policies.