Quality Healthcare to Rural and Disaster Hit Areas


Jaroka Tele-healthcare system utilizes the mobile platform to extend mobile based healthcare services in rural and disaster hit areas. The services are Short Text Messages (SMS)  and Multimedia messages (MMS) that are being used to collect, register, track and diagnose the patient information.  All the services are scalable and  built on the existing infrastructure and adding value to the regular mobile services. These services can efficiently run in the internet challenged areas. The only requirement is the access to the mobile network. The system is tightly integrate with Electronic Medical Records for the live communication of medical specialists and Health Workers.

Females in the rural areas are mostly confined to their home and must be accompanied by a male member of the family in order to visit hospitals.  The same holds true for the old/senior members of the family. We have tackled this problem through innovative use of technology, we reach patients at their door steps. The Health Workers are equip with the mobiles and can easily communicate with medical specialists  in urban settings.  Since we have implemented Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) model,  Health Workers are actively use mobile technology to strengthen their medical knowledge and educate patients through short videos and voice messages. In order to reach maximum people, these videos and message are customized in to the local language . Patients who have registered their mobile numbers with us also get regular service alerts and required information.


Jaroka Android Application

In order to further facilitate the health professionals we have developed an android based mHealth solution.  The application has health services such as viewing the disease map, disease trends, tracking patients records and disease dictionary available to health worker on the fly.  Jaroka Android Application got runner up position for Ericsson-PTA Mobile Excellence Award contest from all over Pakistan.

Overall, m-health is  playing a vital role in empowering the females who otherwise have no way to access the medical information. The services are currently being used by the health workers in the field. The services are developed in collaboration with National University of Sciences and Technology. Our mhealth system played a critical role in reaching the vulnerable people during the two major disasters in Pakistan, namely Internally Displaced People (2009) and the worst monsoon floods. 2010.