About Us

Quality Healthcare to Rural and Disaster Hit Areas

Jaroka is playing a vital role by harassing the potential of Information and communication technology (ICT) to extend quality healthcare services in rural and disaster-hit communities of Pakistan. This includes voice, Short Text Messaging (SMS), Multimedia Messaging (MMS), GPRS/Edge and VSAT to quickly and efficiently extends medical advice to community worker in the field by connecting them to our network of specialists in urban and international settings.

Mission: -

To use cutting edge technology and innovative approach to provide affordable, accessible and quality health care to poor and needy.

Vision: –

To replicate innovative Jaroka model to all rural areas of Pakistan and  internationally.


  • To provide immediate, sustainable, and affordable medical care to the needy in best possible way.
  • To make use of innovative technologies including web and mobile technologies in extending healthcare services.
  • Adding value to Mobile Network infrastructure in Pakistan.
  • Capacity building of LHWs by connecting them to Health Centers and specialists through the use of ICT Telemedicine.
  • Enhance the collaboration among academic and industry on health care domain.
  • To participate in initiatives of the Government and other relevant organizations regarding health care, population welfare, vaccination, emergency medical services, extension  of health care education and the like.
  •  To develop an efficient healthcare model that can easily be replicated to various parts of Pakistan.