Quality Healthcare to Rural and Disaster Hit Areas

Association of Pakistani descent Physicians in North America (APPNA) :

It is a 10,000 member doctor’s association based out of the USA and Canada. APPNA was formed in 1976 and has been active in providing healthcare related services in Pakistan. They also manage a very successful APPNA SEHAT program in rural Pakistan since 1992. The main purpose of APPNA SEHAT is to develop a low cost model, which could address health and related problems effectively and efficiently. They are experienced medical professionals who understand the need for healthcare for the poor, especially during a disaster. Our project utilizes this talent pool to not only seek experts and specialists but also to utilize their network to form more alliances within the expatriate Pakistani-Americans community. Their feedback and input in developing our solution has been vital to our success.


National University of Sciences and Technology, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, is one of the leading Universities in Pakistan, which has established a dedicated team of professors and students to conduct R&D for tele-medicine based ICT solutions. One of the projects pursued under this initiative is the establishment of Pakistan’s first medical Grid to monitor and record disease outbreaks and manage centralized electronic medical records and provide geo-mapping of this information thus creating a virtual map of Pakistan diseases. It will assist the government and donor agencies make better and educated decisions to launch the right health related projects in Pakistan.

UM Healthcare Trust :

UM Healthcare Trust is an implementation site for Jaroka Tele-Healthcare project. UM Healthcare Trust is a non-profit organization, registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan since May 2004. Its medical facility is located in the rural Village of Zahidabad, District Mardan. It is approximately 200 KM North of Islamabad near the border of Mardan district with Buner District. The trust was formed in the loving memory of (late) Mrs Umrana Mumtaz Ali (passed away in 2003 of cancer) as part of her will. It aims to provide immediate, sustainable and affordable medical care to needy in the best possible way.

The Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF):

ISIF supports innovative and creative ICT based programs in Asia pacific region by providing funding support to them. It helps in facilitating Internet growth and produce positive benefits in developing communities facing technology related challenges. Jaroka was recipient of ISIF grant in 2009, total of 11 projects were shortlisted from the 148 applications received.

United States Agency for International Development (USAID):

Jaroka is funded under Pak-USAid programme -a highly competitive programme  where 19 out of116 projects got funded in 2008.



Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan:

HEC encourages and foster academia-industry partnership by providing grants in collaboration with USAID to the projects  with the strong focus towards Research and Development. The project is funded by HEC to the implementation partners in Pakistan.




Swinfen Charitable Trust  :

The trust was set up by Lord and Lady Swinfen in 1998, with the aim of assisting poor, sick and disabled people in the developing world. The Trust’s policy is to do this by establishing telemedicine links between hospital-based practitioners in the developing world and expert medical and surgical specialists who generously give free advice via the Internet. This simple and effective telereferral system using e-mail has been prompt and easy to setup from even the remotest places with Internet access.

National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore:

Established in 1985, The National University Hospital (NUH) is a tertiary specialist hospital that provides advanced, leading-edge medical care and services. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities as well as well-trained staff, the NUH is a major referral centre that delivers tertiary care for a wide range of medical and dental specialties including Cardiology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics and Orthopaedic Surgery. It is a 950-bed hospital with a yearly workload of about 850,000 patients.