Free medical Camp (May 2009)

In this time of crisis where millions of people in the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan have been rendered homeless, our Tele-healthcare team, in collaboration with its stakeholders (NUST, APPNA, UMTrust, among others) has launched a massive healthcare relief effort for the refugees streaming in from the Buner & Swat district.

Our hospital UMTrust is located in Zahidabad at the border of Buner District and therefore, we have seen a huge influx of refugees in our area these past few weeks.In fact, we have estimated close to 200,000 refugees in a 10KM radius of our facility but there are no doctor or nurse (barring our facility) working in that area.

We are also distributing free medicines and extending free healthcare advise and diagnosis to all the IDPs. Our medical staff is making rounds in the area to treat patients on site if they are unable to visit our medical facility in village Zahidabad, which is 4 km from the town of Rustum in NWFP, Pakistan.

We also have taken in-kind donations (clothing, shoes and utensils) and distributed them to the displaced refugees, especially kids. Clothing is highly central to relief operations as the only clothes they own are the ones they are wearing in which they fled their homes.

Many thanks to our partners and collaborators Edhi Foundation (Ambulance service, food ration), APPNA (medicines), Disaster Management Center Abbotabad (Medicines & Medical Camp), DRIP (Medical Camp and food rations), CDRS (Medical Camp and medicines), Mumtaz Bakhtawar Memorial Trust Hospital (Medicines and Medical Camp) and ordinary citizens who are helping and collaborating with us to achieve our ambitious goals.

In coming weeks, we are working on making this process more streamlined and structured, whereby such services could be offered to the community on a regular and sustainable basis.

In this hour of the need for refugees we need your support as we are running desperately short on medical supplies. No international non-profit is operating in that area and thus their limited resources are under a lot of stress.

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